Course Open.
Individual Membership


Category Subscription Joining Fee
Full Playing* £1275.00 None **
Five Day £1025.00 None **
Country*** £385.00 None **
Junior (Under 18) £115.00 None
Intermediate 18-20 £385.00 None
Intermediate 21-24 £640.00 None
Intermediate 25-29 £895.00 None
Student (full-time) £385.00 None
Social £50.00  None 
Beginner2Golfer School £395.00 None
Associate Nil £100.00


Rates shown apply to the 2017-18 subcription year beginning 1st May 2017. Subscriptions are payable on joining or can be spread over the subscription year and paid by monthly direct debit (subject to an administration fee).

*£125.00 discount on each subscription for couples.

**No Joining Fee for a limited period.

***Country members must be in full-time residence at an address which is more than 100 miles from the course.


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