Beginner 2 Golfer

We have successfully put into place a program to attract new golfers to the game. The "Beginner 2 Golfer" experience starts with a free 1 hour taster session. You will be part of a group with many dates organised throughout the year.

Enjoy this and want more? The next step is continuing in the same group and have 5 x 60 minute sessions to introduce you to some of the skills needed to play and ultimately introducing you to the course. The total cost of this is only £40.

If you have found a new passion then the next step is to become part of the "Beginner 2 Golfer School"

Based in the beautiful surroundings of Moseley Golf Club, this school includes:

  • Ability to play the golf course under the Professional's guidance
  • Use of the new pitch and putt area.
  • Weekly group lessons
  • Guidance on the rules and etiquette of golf
  • Full use of the clubhouse facilities
  • Discount on food and drink purchases

All of this for less than £8 per week* and you could be part of this new and exciting club.

The B2G school is open to anyone and our professional team aims to be of assistance at every stage of your development.

*12 month membership £395

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