COVID 19 Update- 14/08/20

From Saturday 15th August face coverings must be worn by members & visitors in all indoor areas of the clubhouse as well as in Pro’s Shop. Coverings may be removed for the purpose of eating and/or drinking within the clubhouse only.

COVID 19 Update- 09/06/20

We are pleased to confirm that our course remains open. However, in line with advice provided by the UK Government and England Golf we do ask that golfers follow some simple guidelines:

  • Vulnerable groups or those with underlying health issues should heed government advice to self-isolate or take extra care.
  • Golfers suffering from or showing symptoms of the COVID-19 infection must self-isolate and stay away from their golf club. The length of time spent in self-isolation should be in line with government recommendations.
  • On the course, golfers should try to maintain a minimum distance of two metres between themselves and playing partners. Take care to adhere to this on teeing grounds and greens.
  • Although groups of three (and from 15 June, four) are permitted, golfers should consider playing in smaller groupings – ie two balls – to adhere with social distancing.
  • Golfers should leave flagsticks in holes at all times.
  • Buggies should be for solo use only.
  • Golfers should only use their own trolley and clean it after every round.
  • Common courtesies – handshakes and embraces in accordance with the accepted etiquette of the game – are to be avoided. Offering a thumbs up or some other form of friendly greeting should be used as an alternative.
  • Golfers are permitted to change shoes in the car park.

You will also notice some added precautions on the course:

  • Our shoe cleaner is out of commission.
  • All drinking water fountains on the course out of commission.
  • Our ball washer is out of commission.
  • Flags have been removed from the practice area and putting green.
  • Rakes have been removed from bunkers and bunkers are designated ‘Grounds Under Repair’.
  • Hole cups have been turned upside down so that golf balls can be retrieved without the need for contact with the flagstick.
  • Divot boxes have been removed from the practice area
  • A safe and simple mechanism has been installed on the flags of all holes to allow golfers to retrieve their ball safely.