Club Caterers - Mal and Alison Sannio

Mal and Alison Sannio started at the Club in January 2017, having previously run their own successful restaurant and cooking school.
What a difference they have made to the Club already!

The Club now offers a wide range of catering and from the traditional breakfast bap to full fine dining - whatever your choice the food quality is excellent.

In the winter, the minestrone soup after a round of golf is well worth considering!

Kitchen Opening Hours from 12th April 2021

Monday 9.30 am 3.30 pm
Tuesday 10 am 4.30 pm
Wednesday 10 am 4.30 pm
Thursday 10 am 5.30 pm

10 am

4.30 pm
Saturday 9 am 5 pm
Sunday 7.30 am 3.30 pm

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