Moseley Golf Club

Men's Open 2023

Saturday 10th June 2023
Moseley, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

Moseley Challenge Cup:

i) 18 Holes Stroke Play, Open Competition, Playing limit 7.0, White Course. 

Moseley Challenge Bowl:

i) 18 Holes Stroke Play, Open Competition, Playing Limit 7.1 - 14.0, White course.

Entry Fee: 

Visitors £35 per person, Members £20 per person.


  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Net Score in each Division
  • Best Gross Score

All entrants must have competed in a minimum of 4 qualifying competitions in the 12 months preceding the competition date.
Ties will be decided on the last 18, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 holes.



Men's Open 2023

Saturday 10th June 2023, White Tees, Moseley

(95% handicap allowance)

View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

1st Paul Franey(14) 68
2nd Matthew Healey(9)  Stourbridge Golf Club68
3rd Paul Blake(14) 69
4th George Griffin(9)  Droitwich Golf Club70
5th Simon Thompson(10) 71
6th Harry Bowler(5) 71
7th Chris Norman(3) 72
8th Emmett McNamee(9) 72
9th Noel Green(10) 72
10th Andy Morris(9) 73
11th Paul Garey(5) 73
12th Mark Dixon(1) 73
13th Christopher White(6)  Fulford Heath Golf Club73
14th Gerard Finnegan(7) 73
15th Mohammad Shoaib(10) 74
16th John Maguire(10) 74
17th Craig Pates(3) 74
18th James Quinn(5)  Olton74
19th Richard Hardeman(14)  Guildford Golf Club74
20th Oliver Thomas(6) 74
21st Phillip Jefferies(13) 74
22nd Jason Lane(4) 74
23rd Richard Turner(10) 74
24th Adam Norman(-3) 74
25th Harry Street(10) 74
26th Gregor Stevenson(12) 75
27th Lee Willis(9)  Kings Norton Golf Club75
28th D Wood(12)  Atherstone Golf Club75
29th Mark Dunkley(1) 75
30th Thomas Duggan(14) 75
31st John Moorman(8)  Kings Norton Golf Club75
32nd Scott Pates(6) 76
33rd Carl Salmon(8) 76
34th James Carty(6) 76
35th Altaf Kotadia(12) 76
36th Anthony Hill(1) 76
37th James Corrigan(8)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
38th Alex Fuell(4)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
39th Jonathon Cray(7) 76
40th Myles Deacon(0) 76
41st Martin Salmon(9) 76
42nd Chris Wyres(10) 77
43rd Estevan Silva(10)  Woburn77
44th Nicholas Reay(12) 77
45th Rory McLaren(10) 77
46th Dave Lewis(9)  Bransford Golf Club77
47th Matthew Pates(1) 77
48th Jim Dolman(13)  Atherstone Golf Club78
49th Matthew Reeves(3) 78
50th Stephen Collins(10)  Bransford Golf Club78
51st Adrian Cherry(12) 78
52nd John Young(14) 78
53rd Sam Hancock(7) 78
54th Simon Preedy(6)  Kings Norton Golf Club78
55th Ryan Hinsley(-1)  Olton78
56th Simon Gleeson(14)  Kings Norton Golf Club78
57th Steven Lynch(9) 78
58th Michael Hosfield(6) 78
59th Martin Knowles(11) 78
60th Colin Deery(7) 78
61st Leighton Walker(2)  Cirencester79
62nd Mark H Edwards(6)  Kings Norton Golf Club79
63rd Mel Blake(8)  Kings Norton Golf Club79
64th Jonathan Montgomery(5) 79
65th Alex McKenzie(9) 79
66th Sam Carter-Smith(10) 79
67th Darren Bright(13) 80
68th Richard Cook(7) 80
69th Robert Goodyer(9)  Olton80
70th John Pugh(1) 80
71st Martin Humphreys(13)  Portal Golf Club80
72nd Steven Howard(10)  Handsworth Golf Club80
73rd Matthew Tattersfield(12) 80
74th Paul Valentine(14)  Redditch Golf Club80
75th David Bullock(9) 80
76th Jonathan Hearn(9)  Whittington Heath Golf Club80
77th Paul Richardson(10) 80
78th Ryan Shilton(9)  Drayton Park80
79th Gary James(14) 80
80th Ashley Titcombe(13) 81
81st David Skan(4)  Kings Norton Golf Club81
82nd Ian Warner(11) 81
83rd Martin Reay(10)  Atherstone Golf Club81
84th Duncan Checketts(13) 81
85th Michael Davidson(14) 81
86th David Douglass(10)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club81
87th Keith Holmes(12) 81
88th Harish Naik(10) 82
89th Thomas Griffin(4)  Droitwich Golf Club82
90th Martin McGowan(7) 82
91st Ian Cartwright(13)  Atherstone Golf Club82
92nd Mackhan Nagra(10) 82
93rd Russell Moore(11)  The Kidderminster Golf Club83
94th Alan Callaghan(14)  Olton83
95th Steven O'Brien(14)  Kings Norton Golf Club83
96th Kieran Marshall(10)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club83
97th Grant Richardson(11) 83
98th Daniel Martin(14)  Kings Norton Golf Club83
99th Gary Need(8)  Olton83
100th Charley Thomas(8) 84
101st Oliver Griffin(7)  Willesley Park Golf Club84
102nd Paul Elliott(12) 84
103rd George Bartlam(14)  Atherstone Golf Club84
104th Mike Carr(7)  Meltham84
105th Philip Meakin(5)  Bramcote Waters84
106th Neil David Powell(8)  Handsworth Golf Club84
107th Alan Shimmon(7) 84
108th Mitchell Crump(2)  Olton85
109th Stephen Mulvihill(14) 85
110th David McGrain(13) 86
111th Jamie Duggan(10) 86
112th Zareen Taj(14) 86
113th Roger More(14) 87
114th Greg Harvey(8)  Kings Norton Golf Club87
115th Peter Farnsworth(14)  Meltham88
116th Dennis Palmer(12)  Handsworth Golf Club88
117th Simon Gardner(2) 90
118th William Allman(11) 90
119th Steven Littlehales(14)  Kings Norton Golf Club90
120th Zac Evans(14)  Atherstone Golf Club90
121st Carl Oddy(14)  Bewdley Pines91
122nd Michael Henrick(14) 92
123rd Elliot Henrick(14) 93
124th Jim McMahon(7)  OltonNR
125th Stefan Kunneke(11) NR
126th Ned Barker(14) NR
127th Faisal Hussain(14) NR
128th Mohammed Khan(14) NR
129th Mark Neale(13) NR
130th Dale Webb(14)  Enville Golf ClubNR
131st Chris Weights(14)  Royal BirkdaleNR
132nd Chris Handy(10) NR

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Competition Fees:
  • £20.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
  • £35.00 Per Visitor (Required On Entry)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 132

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